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Essential Startup: 5 Killer Startup Decks

Planning versus execution often makes a dilemma to startup founders. So instead of reading a pile of books on the subject you might as well getting started with some killer ideas at hand. Recently I shared a list of 6 Essential Startup Decks. Here I continue the Essential Startup series sharing 5 decks that I believe can aid in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Finding Product / Market Fit: introducing the PMF matrix

Since being introduced by Marc Andreessen and popularized by the Lean Startup movement, Product-Market Fit has evolved into a great deal in tech entrepreneurship. Several bloggers have addressed the subject lately, yet as a concept Product-Market Fit has been missing a-picture-says-more-than-1000-words. Earlier I suggested the Product-Market Fit diagram. Here Rishi Dean presents the Product-Market Matrix aligned with Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies.

The UX Driven Startup

What to do as a founder when you actually can’t build things? Say no more, Alexa Andrzejewski, founder of Foodspotting, gives you a memorable pitch on how to craft an experience vision at startup.

Why fighter pilots run startups

Originator of Customer Development and serial entrepreneur Steve Blank shares an arsenal of great ideas on entrepreneurship, including Customer Development, Lean Startup, business model validation, market types, the pivot and the OODA Loop. Perhaps one of his most encompassing slide decks.

Continuous Deployment at kaChing

From a more technical perspective than the reminder on this list, Pascal-Louis Perez gives us an introduction to and examples on continuous deployment at startup. I am a strong believer in his statement “Release is a marketing concern”, which I also covered in What’s in a Startup Methodology giving an example of Spotify’s beta releases.

Product Management 101 for Startups

I enjoyed Dan Olson‘s talk on Lean Product Management for Web 2.0 Products at web 2.0 Expo earlier this year.  His recent slide deck includes a section on What is Product Management, as well as covering subjects a such as Product-Market fit, value proposition, usability, the pivot, and continuous improvement together with a case study.

In continuing the Essential Startup series I appreciate any tips on killer startup decks, tools and ideas.

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