What you want to read about Startup Methodologies?

While talking about user generated content and customer development in general, and in order to learn about my readers, I figured that I would walk the talk. Having some new ideas on the subject of startup methodologies, I would ask of your opinion on what should be my next post. For those of you who would consider the case studies, EasyPeasy is an open source operating system for netbooks. It has 1M downloads with users in over 142 countries, and currently attempts to pivot into the Social OS space.

3 responses to “What you want to read about Startup Methodologies?

  1. The area that i find most challenging is the conceptual development of the business model.
    I have been experimenting with the ‘business model canvas’ approach of Alex Osterwalder and it seems quite robust. But any other notions in this regard would be useful.

  2. The business model canvas is helpful for facilitation of business model design, indeed. Further, I think that the framework can be elaborated with regard to change methodologies. I wrote a post on the subject: http://bit.ly/8nthql.
    What is your focus experimenting with the business model canvas?

  3. My focus is understanding clients’ business models with a view to value-adding and specifically making suggestions about how they might improve their models.
    Also the very act of them recording their understanding of their models in the ‘canvas’ format hopefully provokes their own thinking about the weaknesses in their models.
    I am using it as a consulting tool

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